“Yoruba – Orisha’s On Wood” on Display at the Union City Musuem

Posted: April 6, 2015 by pauljkarr in Uncategorized

bio2Indio Melendez’s exhibit “Yoruba – Orisha’s On Wood” is on display at the Musto Cultural Center at the Union City Museum from April 16th through May.

Indio is a self-taught visual artist who began his art work more than a decade ago as a hobby by drawing and wood-burning “Yoruba” images on reclaimed pieces of wood. The transformed scraps of wood became dynamic mystical art pieces, inspired by his love for Santeria and the Yoruba pantheon, a syncretism of West African and Caribbean religions that have been influenced by Christianity.

Indio uses different sources for color, such as cigar and incense ashes, coffee grinds, wine, berries, spices and traditional mediums such as oil & acrylic based paints, polyurethane and different wood stains to add color.

Indio is a devotee of Chango, Maferefun!

For more information about Indio’s artwork, click here!


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